After surviving a car accident and a heart aneurysm at an early age, surviving became paramount. I grasped any opportunity that crossed my path, and was never in control of my career trajectory. After complementing my corporate experience with numerous degrees, certifications, trainings, and informal self-assessments, I still couldn’t identify my own value proposition.

Where do I add value? How can I do that every single day?

It took many years, and motivational analysis, but I finally figured it out. I discovered my passion for creating networks and communities, my purpose in helping others succeed through targeted coaching, and new possibilities to make an impact by building partnerships with people who are adding value every single day.

Professional Overview

a_032304Managing teams since I was 17 years old, I started out at McDonalds restaurants, and moved swiftly into the retail industry – product, ecommerce, and financial services. A certified Project Manager, my proven track record in successful project execution spans Canada, England, and Germany, developing skills in strategic planning, change management, process improvements, business operations, and IT implementation.

A key component in leading successful projects is building strong relationships with stakeholders to help mitigate conflicting priorities and establish joint requirements, this has given me great insight into the way people work, leading informally as an influencer, and leading formally to engage employees and drive team success.

Personal Overview

11267734_1049650095064225_3885967122196206354_nBorn in England in 1975, I immigrated with my family to Canada in 1990. After extensive work across Canada, I finally returned to Europe three years ago, living in Munich, Germany during this time. Currently I am living a nomad life, no fixed address, moving between Canada and Europe for business. Always welcoming opportunities to travel internationally, I enjoy engaging across cultures, exploring new countries and have a diverse international community of friends and family.

Travels have taken me to Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North and South America, to sky dive, bungee jump, zip line, trapeze, tour, read, write, walk, and explore at leisure. I have started MasterMind career focused groups, organized reunions, networks, created communities, and conducted volunteer activities around the world.

Formal Education

Global Executive MBA, HSG

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


MBA, Rotman School of Management, Omnium Program

University of Toronto, Canada


Project Management Professional Certification

PMI, Project Management Institute, United States


MSA Coaching Certification

MSA Motivation Systems GmbH, Germany


Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

Royal Roads University, Canada



HSG Omnium Credit Suisse Scholarship Recipient (2011)

TD Bank “League of Excellence” Award recipient (2011)

TD Bank “Principles in Practice” Award recipient (2010)

RRU Chancellor’s Award for Highest academic performance (2008)

RRU President’s Scholar Award (2008)


Personality Analysis and Personal Development

MBTI Personality Test   > INFJ > Ambiversion

EQi Emotional Intelligence Test   > Highly Empathetic

MSA Motive Analysis  > Top 5 intrinsic motivators: Intellectual, Principled, Structured, Social, Caring

Logic Test   > Top 2% of population

Vocational testing   > Farmer, Accountant | Career match > Coach

Courses in Dale Carnegie Leadership training, The Landmark Forum, and many others.


Volunteer Activites

HSG Mentorship Program

Career Coaching

Entrepreneurship Consulting

Habitat for Humanity

JDRF Bike Ride

United Way

GenNext Campaign

amongst others



Prefer rock climbing, yoga, running, or anything that prevents going to the gym

Love food, simple, decadent, it’s an event, one I like to share


Creating community by organizing yearly MBA reunions

Initiating women’s networks, book clubs, dinner clubs, annual social events


Privately initiated two MasterMind Groups to discuss career progression and entrepreneurship

Continuous learning, formal and informal, conferences, workshops, books, people


Love to travel, to experience, and to gain a deeper understanding of all cultures

Meditation and yoga, even at a minimum of five minutes a day help create balance