Career Coaching Services

Do you feel disengaged at work and wish you could add more value? If you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next, individual motivation testing can help add clarity. Career coaching available now.

Whether you are seeking some direction, a career change, or are merely curious what your intrinsic motivators are, my program will help you answer the pertinent questions and increase your leadership capabilities. I can help you find your passion, and help you convert this into a fulfilling career.

It’s all about you.

It’s simple really. I succeed, if you succeed. By understanding what motivates you, and what gives you energy, you can take control of your career immediately, to eliminate stress, create successful relationships, and create true work and life balance.

How it works.

Using a scientifically proven and recognized motivation analysis tool, and personalized reporting, I will conduct a personal and professional analysis based on your individual results. These will help you create a tangible action plan to eliminate stressors and create more energy in your life.

For the individual.

It indicates ideal work environments, as well as stress environments to avoid, and helps assess and build career paths that match an individuals motivation structure, resulting in a more satisfying and successful career.

For the corporation.

It helps leaders uniquely motivate every individual on a team to engage diversity, create employee engagement, and increase functional team dynamics, resulting in efficiency, innovation and concrete results.

Coaching is conducted through Mayfly, my coaching business focused on motivation analysis for career coaching and increased employee engagement.

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