Freelance Consulting Services

Are you seeking to build your brand in new markets? Are you struggling with employee engagement as you go through change or growth? Let my partners and I help your organization succeed. Consulting services and targeted workshops are available now.  

My partners and I consult on growth strategies for digital business, and people strategies for all business. Specific focus on increased brand presence,  and corporate culture and employee engagement initiatives.

Industry Research

Identifying growth opportunities, including industry overview, market size, market growth expectations, and competitive analysis.

Consumer Research

Defining consumer market segments, identifying potential market need, opportunities for growth through targeted website development and marketing.

Employee Engagement

Analyzing leadership, individual, and team motivational structures for improved corporate culture and increased team cohesion. Including team workshops to improve employee engagement, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and leverage diversity for innovation.

Customer Experience

Improving web content to communicate business value propositions and increase digital brand presence, customer attraction, retention, and loyalty. Aligning product development, and marketing effectiveness, to exceed customer expectations.

I work in coordination with enable2grow,  a well established and successful German digital transformation firm, and PLOT, a leadership agency innovation and transformation initiatives. I am currently growing partnership opportunities with other firms, to enable continued success for my clients.

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